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These 3 things could save your business...

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of maintaining accurate information/data about your clients, jobs, finance, products, and services.
Your business relies on staff being able to do their job effectively and having the ability to serve your clients in a timely manner. That is impossible to do without company data.

Whether you work in Finance, Engineering, Medical, Logistics or Sales; keeping it safe and sound must be front of mind for every business owner.
Naturally there is no substitute for training your team about best practices, security and having a quality disaster recovery solution.

However, here are 3 Bang for Buck tips that will help you reduce the chances of suffering that pain.

Tip # 1

Enable 2FA / MFA on user accounts for any online services.

If you aren’t sure what 2FA / MFA is check out our previous blog post

This is one of the easiest ways to increase protection for your organisation and it doesn’t cost you anything.
All you need to do is:

  • Make a list of any online software/services that you use – think Office 365, Google Workspace, Azure AD, Xero, MYOB so on.
  • Contact the software vendor or go to their FAQs and search for 2FA / MFA for instructions on how to enable.
  • Have your staff install either Google Authenticator / Microsoft Authenticator or Authy on their devices.
  • Change relevant settings on your software to enable MFA and have staff run through the MFA setup for their accounts (make sure they save the One Time Passwords)

Hint: Set this up for your account first so you know the process then at your next staff meeting run through it together.

Tip # 2

Invest in a password management system for your team.

It can get overwhelming trying to remember what username/password combo is used for each account – unfortunately this often leads to people using one password for all their accounts which is riddled with risk and exposes you to security breaches.

The solution for this is to invest in a password management system.
A password management system is software that allows users to create/generate/store unique passwords for their user accounts. This software is protected by a master key password to you’re your info safe.
There are lots of password management systems to choose from (a quick google search will give you plenty of options).

Tip # 3

Disable unused accounts as soon as a staff member leaves.

This is one the easiest way for your data to be compromised. It should be part of your IT policy that once you have had the usual Friday night thank you drinks and send off party that person’s accounts are disabled.

Leaving accounts enabled when a staff member leaves is a big no no, especially if you haven’t parted ways on good terms.

Hint: Don’t assume that this has been done for all former employees. Take the time to go back through all your systems and audit accounts that are still active.

Don’t wait until it is too late, get on it now. If you are unsure, then hit up the team at Runtime and we can help you get this sorted.
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