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What's your internal messaging platform? Give Slack a try.

Let’s face it, email changed our life. It allowed communication to be fast(ish), efficient, location and device independent and costs next to nothing – it changed communication for ever.

The problem with email is it is slow and cumbersome when needing feedback/input from multiple people and file sharing, and when we want feedback and files we want them NOW… enter Slack.

Don’t let the name fool you – when it comes to office communication tools Slack is up there with the best.
Slack is a team collaboration a tool that can be used on almost any device from any location at any time.
It’s the perfect tool for a company that spans across multiple departments or has physically separate offices as it allows for individual or group conversations, file sharing, integration with Office 365/Google Drive, voice/video calls and channels specific to a particular topic/area.

Features are dependent on the version of slack you choose as there are both free and paid versions. More information can be found on

For the free edition:

  • 10K of message history
  • 5GB File storage
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • One-One Voice calls
  • Search conversations/channels
  • Integration with up to 10 apps

Seamless, easy, fast, reliable and works on any device from anywhere in the world.

The biggest downside with Slack’s free edition would be the 10K of message history, if your team are actively communicating via Slack daily you will lose the ability to search conversation history beyond 10,000 messages – the fix is to either archive conversations to an external source or upgrade to the paid version.

Each company has different communication needs and requirements, if you are looking for comprehensive communication tool then it is worth your time to evaluate Slack.


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