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IT Services

Business and technology have become intertwined over the last 20 years.

Having reliability and uptime is not a luxury it is a necessity. Uptime ensures you can make sales, help customers and be profitable.

There are two approaches to IT support: Reactive and Proactive.

Reactive Support

Step 1  –  A problem arises
Step 2  –  You call your IT support company
Step 3  –  You describe the problem
Step 4  –  They tell you what the cause might be with lots of tech jargon
Step 5  –  You wait and hope they can fix it quickly without too much cost to business.

Proactive Support

Step 1  –  Runtime installs monitoring & remote management agents
Step 2  –  We monitor your IT, apply patches, check backups & support your staff
Step 3  –  We tell you when something is about to break
Step 4  –  We fix the issue before there is a cost to business
Step 5  –  You enjoy a morning coffee without the worry of network outages.

Call today to see how we can help you.

At Runtime we offer Managed IT Service plans catered specifically to your business. We will monitor & manage your IT infrastructure ensuring you are online and running strong. Our aim is to take the hassle and worry out of your business’s IT to provide you with peace of mind and allow you to focus on doing what you do best…. providing exceptional customer service.