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Managed IT Services

Business and technology have become intertwined over the last 20 years.
Having reliability and uptime is not a luxury it is a necessity. Reliability ensures you can make sales, help customers and focus on your business.

There are two approaches to IT support: Reactive and Proactive.

Reactive Support

Step 1  –  A problem arises
Step 2  –  You call your IT support company
Step 3  –  You describe the problem
Step 4  –  They tell you the cause with with lots of tech jargon
Step 5  –  You hope they can fix it quickly without cost to business.

Proactive Support

Step 1  –  You tell us about your business, issues and goals
Step 2  –  We fix your existing issues and put at IT roadmap
Step 3  –  Runtime monitors your IT environment around the clock
Step 4  –  We manage your technology & support your staff
Step 5  –  We fix issue before they happen.
Step 6  –  You concentrate on your running your business.

The benefits of Managed Services?

Dedicate support team - Onsite & Remote
After Hours & Emergency Support options
Device Monitoring & Management - Server / Workstation / Laptop
Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
Enterprise-grade Email Security & Protection by MailGuard
IT Strategic Planning & Regular Reviews
IT Project Management & Consultancy
Infrastructure Rollouts, Upgrades & Consultancy
Risk & Security Upskilling for Your Team
Industry Leading Antivirus Software

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