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spam, spam, spam…. and not the good edible kind

You open your mailbox on Monday morning ready to work, you let the mails roll in from over the weekend and then spend the next 20 minutes deleting the junk emails otherwise known as Spam.

By the time you finish deleting the Spam there is only a handful of emails that are actually relevant, it has wasted your time and has frustrated you to the point where you need another coffee.

Sadly this is a situation many users know all too well and chances are your colleagues are dealing with this too.

Spam is an unsolicited email trying to sell you something or get you to sign up for a service. It is often harmless (albeit time wasting) however there can be a more malicious side. Spam can also deliver and infect your computer with malware/viruses should you inadvertently click on a link or open an attachment within the mail. This can compromise your computer/network and cost you far more than time to fix.

So, how do we stop Spam?

There are three main approaches,

  1. Is for each user to individually block each sender’s email address and file those emails where they belong – in the junk or deleted folder. The problem with this approach however this wastes a great deal of your time.
  2. Is for your IT department to actively manage and update spam filters centrally, however this is labor intensive and not always effective.
  3. The easier and most effective was is for your company to utilize a service such as MailGuard that can filter your inbound and outbound emails and stop the spam/malicious emails before they hit your inbox.

MailGuard is an Australian company that offers a subscription based product that can be utilized for Office 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange and all other hosted email services.

The beauty of MailGuard being an Australian company is they can respond to Australian based treats such as mail that impersonates companies such as Australia Post, AGL, TXU before other filtering services can.

MailGuard is easy to setup, customizable to your organization’s needs, doesn’t require any additional hardware and once implemented effectively eliminates 99.9% of spam; allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best.

So if you are sick of wasting your time, putting your company at risk and want to regain control of your mailbox, give the team at Runtime a call and see how we can put your company back on track.

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