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Top 5 Bang for Buck remote office upgrades.

Prior to the COVID-19 lock-downs remote work was a bit of a luxury. Those that managed to organise work from home on a regular basis were in the minority.
Fast forward to February 2020 and there was a mad scramble to mobilise staff to work from home. Within weeks printers, keyboards, mice headphones, office desks, chairs monitors were pretty much all but sold out, and anything that was available was pretty average.

So, now that the world is back to ‘normal’ remote work has not gone away, many staff are seeking flexible/hybrid work environments.
How can you make their/your remote work environment more comfortable and productive?

Here are a few of the best bang for buck items you can purchase.

1. A quality chair
We spend so much time during the day sitting down that having a good quality office chair can make the world of difference for your posture, sense of well being and productivity.
Do yourself a favour and don’t skimp out on this one.

2. Docking Station
Having a complete home office setup (think keyboard, mouse, monitors, additional USB ports, speakers) is so much easier when you have all your gear plugged into a docking station.
All you have to do is plug one cable into your laptop and boom you are ready to work.
An organised desk means an organised mind, docking stations allow you to better organise your workspace.

3. Quality Keyboard + Mouse combo
No, we aren’t talking fancy gaming keyboards that have pretty lights and make nice clicky sounds. What we are talking about is a quality full size keyboard with number pad and wireless mouse that has a bit of weight in it.
These give a much more relaxed feel than using a laptop keyboard and trackpad.

4. Wireless Access Point for better connectivity
Most home offices utilise the Wi-Fi unit that is provided by their internet service provider when they sign up for a plan. These work ok if you are in close proximity, however if your office is a couple of rooms away then they just don’t cut it.
Purchasing something like Ubiquiti UniFi access point for a couple of hundred bucks allows for a more stable and reliable connection.

5. External monitor/s
We have saved the best for last!!! This is by far the best spend you will make (in my opinion).
Having more screen real estate gives a greater ability to utilise multiple programs at once – it reduces the need to constantly flick back and forth between apps and gives a much smoother user experience.
It is proven to increase productivity and reduce frustrations.
When it comes to external monitors, 1 may be good but 2 is better and 3 is…….

With these 5 upgrades you will without doubt you fill feel more comfortable and happier working from home. Hope you enjoy your new more productive workspace.

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