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Microsoft’s solves those annoying “file too large to send”

Microsoft’s solves those annoying “file too large to send” notifications in coming update.

We have all had that issue where when we are under the pump and trying to send an urgent email with large attachments. You add a few attachments and then suddenly you receive that annoying notification of “the file you’re attaching is larger than the server allows”.
You are already stressed and now must work out how to fix it. What to do? Resize attachments, send the email in multiple parts?

Well, great news. Microsoft has heard our cries for help and announced that they will be addressing this issue very soon by integrating Outlook with Microsoft OneDrive.
Essentially, when you hit the attachment size limit, Outlook will ask you if you would like to upload those files to OneDrive instead of just a hard stop on attachments.
This new feature allows users seamlessly share files of large sizes without needing to manually upload to OneDrive and embed the link in the email – thus making a smoother and more productive workspace.

Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Android devices will receive this new feature first and all other platforms will receive this in an update rollup later this month (September 2023).

By leveraging off their own technology (OneDrive) and seamlessly integrating it with Outlook, Microsoft is also providing a safer and more secure service to their users. There is now no need to use 3rd party services to try and solve those email size issues.
Yes, it probably should have happened sooner, but hey it’s here now and takes some pain out of our workday. Thanks Microsoft.

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