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Phishing just became a whole lot more dangerous!!!

Put your hand up if you have heard of Chat GPT / Open AI? If you haven’t already, you will.
Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence program that can understand questions and generate insanely natural responses.
Very cool stuff and has some amazing uses, but how can that affect the world of Cyber Security?

Let’s take a look at the example of phishing.

Phishing is a method used by Cyber crooks to attempt to steal your personal information such as online banking, credit card, account logins so on. These phishing attempts are generally in the form of email or SMS messages that are sent in bulk and contain dodgy links for your to click.

Often phishing emails are easy to spot. They are written by someone with a poor grasp of English, generic in nature, poorly worded, badly structured and have horrible grammar. You look at it once, click delete and move on with your day.

Where do programs like Chat GPT and AI fit into this picture?
Well, Cyber crims have been hard at work and are now using AI to take their phishing attempts to the next level. With AI they can now make their emails look very very legitimate.
AI will eradicate spelling mistakes, correct grammar and even create email threads to make their scam look more plausible.
Essentially, phishing scams are becoming extremely hard to spot and increasing the chances of people being scammed.

How do you defend yourself against these?
As always teaching your staff to be vigilant – be very careful opening emails that they aren’t expecting.
However, one of the best ways is to use a mail protection service like MailGuard. MailGuard is an advanced email security/filtering service that scans all incoming messages and weeds out potential nasties – helping to protect you and your team.

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