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Save your business $$ with these 5 simple tips.

Every business owner and CFO knows the importance of keeping track of what is coming in and out of their business. Maintaining control over costs is more important in 2024 than ever before.
So, how can you help save your business money with 30 minutes of work?
Here are 5 simple tips that will give you immediate savings.

  1. Microsoft 365 – Audit your licenses and cull unused.
    For every staff member that uses Microsoft 365 you must buy a license. Depending on your subscription it can cost anywhere from $9 to $35 per license per month. So, when a staff member leaves and is not replaced if you haven’t pruned your licenses then you should be. You are potentially throwing way $400 per annum per user. You should also use this approach with any other per user software titles.
  2. Microsoft 365 – Use shared mailboxes for generic emails accounts.
    Microsoft 365 allows the use of shared mailboxes without needing to assign a license. This means that for email addresses such as or you can simply create a shared mailbox and then assign users to access that shared mailbox.
    This is also handy when a staff member leaves, and you still need access to their emails but don’t want to continue paying for a license. You can convert their mailbox to a shared mailbox.
  3. Energy efficiency – Get your team to switch their devices off each day.
    This one seems so simple and it is, but it absolutely makes a difference.
    Ask your team that at the end of each day to switch their monitors off and either put their computers to sleep or shut it down where possible. It not only reduces energy costs it also helps increase the lifespan of equipment.
    You should also look into efficiency settings on things like Printers, Multi-Function Devices (Photo Copiers), TVs and display panels.
  4. Outsource your IT problems to an MSP.
    When staff are trying to fault find issues themselves and wasting time with buggy technology you are wasting time and money.
    Having a top-notch MSP like Runtime IT Solutions on your side means that we can do all the heavy lifting and keep your tech up to date and running strong. It allows your staff to concentrate on doing what they do best and not spend hours working on IT issues.
  5. Review your IT purchasing strategy – uniformity is key.
    When buying any IT equipment be it printers, copiers, laptops, tablets or phones buying like devices can save yourself a lot of money.
    Why you ask? Let’s look at printers and copiers as an example.
    Having printers and copiers that are the same model or utilise the same toner allows you to reduce the costs involved in needing to have stock of multiple sets of different toners. It also means you can buy in bulk.

    Laptops & Tablets, having a uniform set of devices means you have continuity – this makes them easier to maintain as well as providing you with better clarity when it comes to fleet management. You can also keep a few spare chargers sitting around for when Joe from Accounting leaves his at home.
    Plus, the added bonus is that your IT support company will love you – it makes their life so much easier too.

We know that if you implement these simple steps, it will start saving you money straight away. And even though the savings may not sound like a lot, small savings soon start to add up and often lead you into thinking about other areas to keep your business lean.

As always, if you have any questions then give the team at Runtime IT a call. See how we can help your business stay running strong.

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