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Schools - Start planning for 2024.

Would you believe that we are in Week 5 of Term 3 already?
The 2023 school year is flying by and although it may seem early, it’s time to start thinking about end of year plans, purchases, and the budget for 2024.

If you are a School Leader, Business Manager, or IT Coordinator it is definitely worth scheduling a planning session with your Tech team to discuss any end of year purchases, plans for Christmas holidays and budget requirements 2024.
Here are a couple of tips to help plan your EOY and 2024

Schedule a planning session with your Tech Team to discuss:

  • Current year review. What worked and what needed improvement. Dot point any actionable items and assign ownership.
  • What major purchasing is required prior to EOY – Servers / Comms equipment / End-User devices.
  • Any building works taking place over the Christmas holidays that may impact site access.
  • Any major building/room changes that require AV or network changes.
  • Are there any network dead spots or Wi-Fi coverage holes that need fixing and additional WAPS to purchase.
  • Review current device fleet and map out where it is in its lifecycle and approximate replacement dates.
  • Review current Backup Systems & Procedures. Ensure offsite & offline backups are in place prior to holidays.
  • IT Support funding for end of year projects, does your tech team have enough time available?
  • IT Support requirements for 2024 – do you need more additional support?
  • Staffing changes and student numbers for 2024. Do you have enough devices to facilitate access?

If you do have any significant hardware/device purchases coming up, then get your orders in as early as possible. You can schedule the delivery dates to be mid/late December. This gives you piece of mind knowing equipment will arrive in time and gives your vendors sufficient time to deliver.

Our team have been working in Education Institutes for over 20 years. Runtime deliver IT Support solutions catered to the needs of Education – both public and private.
If you need help with creating a long-term IT progression plan, Ad-hoc project work or ongoing technical support then get in touch.

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