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New Year's resolutions revisited - Get Healthy!!!

It’s New Year’s Eve, you have done some soul searching, you have made the resolution that 2023 is your year! You will work tirelessly to get fit and healthy.

You have decided that the first priority is to have a check-up from your GP, get some new running shoes and hit the gym daily….

So….how’s the health kick going? Did you organise that check-up?

Guess what? Technology and the human body have a lot in common.

  • They both have hundreds if not thousands of moving parts that all need to work together to operate smoothly.
  • They both require regular monitoring or check-ups to make sure that those little niggles don’t turn into a full-blown problem.
  • They both require a professional who is well trained to run those check-ups.
  • And if you don’t make it a priority to monitor their health, you will likely end up paying for it down the road.

The good news is that the team at Runtime are here to help. We can schedule that ‘much overdue’ health check to make sure things are working the way they should.

Our team will review your current technology solution/environment and

  • Check if there are any small fixes that need to be put in place to fix a small niggle.
  • Look for any tell-tale signs that a bigger problem might be on the horizon and help you plan how to deal with those.
  • Check that your hardware (think PCs/Laptops/Servers/Network Switches) aren’t ready to give out at any moment.
  • Check your current security status and if make sure you are vulnerable to any nasties.

We will then give you a rundown on your technology’s current health status; and provide recommendations moving forward.

Sounds good, right?  So, what’s stopping you?
Get in touch today to book in your health check-up.

Call today 1300 730 331

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