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Attention Windows 10 users... time to start upgrading.

When Windows 10 hit the market in July 2015, it was very well received in both home and corporate environments.
Its predecessors Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 never really hit the mark in the way they should have (especially Windows 8 which was a little bit average to say the least).

Windows 10 was a massive improvement in both functionality and its user experience. It was smoother, more stable and gave the functionality that both users and administrators wanted.
Win 10 has given 8 years of outstanding service, and during the C19 lockdowns it was our home. It allowed business to keep functioning and for people to stay connected.

Fast forward to October 2021 and Windows 11 started rolling out.
So far, the uptake for W11 has been a tad slow. The new look and feel being met with mixed emotions – it most certainly was a big change from the W10 we all know and love.
Windows 10 still has a lion share of the Windows market with over 71% of users relying on it.
Windows 11 is a way behind with only 23% uptake, however with new features coming on board regularly that will start to change.

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Why does this matter for you?

Simply put, Microsoft has started sounding the finishing bell for Windows 10.
The latest feature update 22H2 will be the final feature update released. What you see now is what you will have until end-of-life in October 2025.
Microsoft will continue to roll out security updates to keep users safe, however there will be no more feature enhancements.

Is it time to upgrade?

Windows 11 has now been in the wild for 18 months. Most of the bugs and glitches have been ironed out, and it now has the reliability/stability that we all need to support our users and business.

Part of effectively running your business is staying up to date with the latest technology and most importantly keeping your users/network safe. As such, having an appropriate lifecycle upgrade plan should be high on your to do list.
It’s time to start testing & rolling out Windows 11 to your environment. Don’t get caught off guard when W10 hits end-of-life.

Like any change to your business, it’s imperative that disruption to business function and productivity is reduced to the absolute minimum.

The team at Runtime IT have successfully migrated hundreds of users from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and know what needs to be done to minimise impact and keep your business running smoothly.

Get in touch today so we can help plan, migrate and maintain your end user device fleet.

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